Our Role

We are authorized under Georgia law and governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the City and the County.

Our Governing Authority

We are governed by the Georgia Land Bank Act, 2017 Amended and Restated Interlocal Cooperation Agreement Between Fulton County and the City of Atlanta, MALB By-Laws, and MALB Policies and Procedures.

Our Purpose

We were established to acquire, hold, and transfer interest in real property located within the municipal boundaries of the Metro Atlanta Land Bank Members. We return property which is dilapidated, abandoned, foreclosed, and/or tax-delinquent to a productive status by creating market-rate and affordable housing, providing public, green space, increasing economic opportunities, and developing vibrant communities.

Metro Atlanta Land Bank's Process​

Working Process 1
You Apply

You Apply

Working Process 2
Internal Review Process

Internal Review Process

Working Process 3
Contact Applicant

Contact Applicant

Working Process 4
Board Approval

Board Approval

Working Process 5


Working Process 6
Return Property To Productive Status

Return Property To Productive Status


The Metro Atlanta Land Bank is committed to revitalizing the metro Atlanta area with our programmatic initiatives, with the help of the below stakeholders.

Non Profits | Developers | Development Corporations | City Governments | County Governments

Land Banking Depository

The Land Banking Depository Program allows a nonprofit to transfer title to real property (can be multiple) to the MALB to hold for up to 5 years. Pending completion of an affordable housing project, MALB will transfer the title of the property back to the nonprofit. Property is tax-exempt while MALB holds it under the Land Banking Agreement. Maintenance and insurance are provided by MALB as a pass-through cost to the nonprofit.

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Side Lot Disposition

The MALB may acquire individual parcels of property and sell that property to individuals who are the property owner and occupant of the adjacent, contiguous property.  Eligible parcels of property must be vacant, unimproved (no physical structure on-premises), physically close to adjacent owner-occupied residential property, and shall consist of no more than one lot of capable development. As a condition of the lot transfer,  the transferee must enter into an agreement that the lot transferred will be consolidated with the legal description of their contiguous lot and not to subdivide or partition the lots for a five year period following the date of the transfer.

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Permanent Affordability

The MALB  has set forth guidelines for the sale and pricing of residential real property and vacant lots zoned residential to neighborhood non-profit entities for the development and provision of permanently affordable housing in accordance with the mission and purpose of the MALB.

*Permanent affordable housing means housing that requires mortgage or rent plus utility costs of not more than 20% of a low to moderate-income individual’s monthly income for a period longer than 20 years.

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Donation Program

The Fulton County/City of Atlanta Land Bank Authority d/b/a Metro Atlanta Land Bank (MALB) may accept donations of real property subject to the discretion and approval of the Board of Directors. The acquisition of real property by the MALB is limited to real property in Governmental Unit(s) (i.e. City) served by the MALB..

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fee simple property Purchase

The Metro Atlanta Land Bank will soon have vacant lots available for purchase via application. These were formerly a part of the Sheriff/Marshall inventory; but, MALB has since cleared title on these lots for fee-simple ownership. MALB is requiring that affordable housing be built on these lots. Please see the link to the chart below that explains the cost of the lots in relation to the target affordability to be built on the lot. If you have any questions, or would like to be added to the notification list for when the properties become available, please email  [email protected].

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Partner Participant Programs

Not only do we offer programs but we also partner with and participate with several organizations around metro Atlanta to transform our neighborhoods.

  • Strategic Place Based Assemblage/Revitalization
  • Neighborhood Stabilization Program ( NSP )
  • Community Land Trusts ( Atlanta Land Trust )
  • Small Building Preservation
  • Municipal Joint Ventures
  • National Community Stabilization Trust/Initiative
  • Transform Alliance
  • Secure Neighborhood Initiative
  • Greenspace Assemblage
  • Transformation Allaiance

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